Exploring Shillong like a local

Special credits to Mbor - my friend from Meghalaya.

Heading back to Shillong

Towards the end of my long solo bike trip across Meghalaya, I finally took a stopover at Shillong.

I met Mbor (the guy who helped me in Mawlynnong) and he took me around the city. Then we went towards Smit (Smit is a hilly region nearby Shillong - it's also popular for some Rock-On movie shot). I tried some freshly brewed local rice beer and rice wine. it was cold in that area - apparently, that's the only place in Meghalaya where it SNOWS in the winters. The chief of this town also had a special home - checked out that place as well. All other villages where I visited, the chief/king's house was just ordinary, here it wasn't - it had a fancy gate and some good architecture. 

The Independence Day Picnic

The next day after lunch, I went with Mbor and his friends for a short picnic. A small hilly patch beside a small water stream where only local villagers sit and enjoy food on holidays.

Travelling like a local with Mbor

The Rolling Machine!!

Local family enjoying their independence day picnic!

The real MVP: Mbor

Mbor: This man is really one-stop shop. He knows all places, knows most local people, can arrange accommodation anywhere (read about how he helped me when I got stuck in Mawlynnong). He's a scuba/ caving expert with all kind of custom packages - he's taking a couple of people on a 15-day backpacking trip across Meghalaya (with public transport only), takes groups of 10-15 days on exploratory treks, etc. 

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