Cruising through South India's Coastal Quadrilateral

8 days, 2200 KMs, 3 Motorcycles. Here's a re-telling of one of the longest road trips of my life!

It's late 2018 & I recently moved back to Bangalore after 7 years. In these 7 years, I learnt to travel & explore (more about this later). I hadn't traveled much lately and the bug left me craving for more.

Around the same time, Ashwin, an old friend, was visiting India and wanted to explore new places in the country. And hence, this kicked off my adrenaline ⚑ to plan another trip. Another childhood friend joined in too!

Opening the map, I started drawing what looked like a pretty good route to me. 😎 Here's what it looked like:

The first thing that really ticked me off was the fullness of the route & I knew I wanted to stick to it. ;) Finally we decided on the dates & locations.

Did I complete the entire circuit? Check the graphic at the end of the post to see my actual route!

Here's how it turned out (dates are from 2018):

Dec 25th & 26th - Pondicherry

Because why not! It's winters & there's never a better time to visit this place. Also, insanely pretty architecture & tasty pizzas!

🌴🌴🌴 Coconut trees, the rock beach & some 🍺🍺🍺

The Rock Beach

Such pretty roads & colors - always tempted to click!

Dec 27th - Rameswaram

Haven't you all heard about Dhanushkodi? It's the place closest to Sri Lanka from India & features the Rama Setu (you can't see it though).

20kms from Sri Lanka by Sea!

The Indian Ocean on both sides of the highway

Damn it was amazing to be the first people in the morning!

Dec 28th - Kanyakumari

Well, the tip of India is a milestone ;)

Honestly, I was there for the journey.

Watching the Sun go down from the southern most tip of India

Dec 29th - Alleppy

Just because it made sense to make it a stopover for the night. We did not have the time to hangout at Alleppy because we took a good break at Varkala!

The world-famous backwaters of Kerala

360 Degree view over one of the bridges!

Dec 30th & Dec 31st - Wayanad

Because beer & new years eve are best enjoyed when chill. And oh wait, cruising through hills is mandatory in any road tripβœ…βœ…βœ…

Jan 1st 2019 - Back to Bangalore!

Here's the actual journey that we ended up taking.

Too little, too much, what do you think? Let me know!


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