My most frequently consumed content

Been trying to read more long form content online. Here are 5 people I have found most fun to read:

1. Naval Ravikant - needs no introduction! The almanack is a super powerful resource, easily available on the internet. 🙏

2. Sam Altman - YC, OpenAI - his blog has some amazing reads for early-stage founders! 😉

3. Paul Graham - Co-founder of YC, founder of HackerNews - Essays on his personal blog are just 🤯

4. WaitButWhy by Tim Urban - Love the thoughtfulness of his articles, each one might be anywhere from 5-30 minutes read. 🙂

5. FS Blog - Farnam Street (not a person but great for personal thinking)

6. Podcasts by David Huberman (Spotify) - Exceptional amount of research to publish each podcast. (Honestly, it's a bit too long for me so I do end up doing fast-forward)

7. StarTalk by Neil DeGrasse Tyson - After school, there's very few places where we discuss physics (Except Reddit 😁). I find StarTalk intriguing!

What's your go-to source for reading/watching quality content? Do share them with me, too!