Kedartal Trek - The ultimate Himalayan adventure

The Ganges flowing through the town of Gangotri!

Starting from the holy shrine of Gangotri, along the Kedar-Ganga Valley is a rocky and steep path to the Kedartal - a glacial lake located at ~15,000ft. As a cherry on the top, the location gives an unparalleled view to Mt. Thalay Sagar, one of the most treacherous peaks to climb in the Himalayan Glaciers.

At our first camping site Bhojkharak, I happened to experience snow for the first time in my 25 years of existence and also a nightmare that could second none!

Everyday, our lunch breaks during the trek were always filled with scenic views of the valley.

When the journey is beautiful!

As we climbed further, we came across scores of mountains with vertical rocks and steep climbs. The only way to get through was with fast yet calm movements!

The steep mountains with falling rocks kedarganga valley kedartal trek

After an arduous day of cautiously crossing the falling rocks, we decided to camp at Kedar kharak - a large flat land - giving a 360 degree view of the valley!

View of the valley from kedarkharak!

The next morning, we climbed our way onto the ice glacier to the lake - 1000s of feet and after crossing multiple snow-clad mountains like this one, we finally reached the lake.

Climbing up the mountains

Kedartal Trek: A mesmerising view

Happy that I made it :)

I went to this trip via Bikat Adventures and would highly recommend the organising company in case you're looking to go for a trek. Here's the link for more details!

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