A detour to Manamelkudi (You'll be surprised)

On our journey from Pondicherry to Rameswaram, we knew we will be driving on the Eastern coast, very close to the ocean (Bay of Bengal). It was honestly my fantasy to see the infinity of the ocean while I drive close to it.

Driving through, most of the highway was about 500m-1km interiors from the ocean. We were on the road for more than 3 hours now & I was getting impatient. At one of the villages that we were crossing, I stopped by to ask an old man seated by the road if there's any place where we could see the waters. He asked us to turn back and go through a small lane which we had crossed just a few minutes ago.

It should be a couple of minutes, he said.

Drive long enough and you wonder, "Am I lost?"

Driving for more than 10 minutes, we were confused. Did we lose our route? Should we stop delaying our trip and get back on the highway? We decided to stick around, "just a little longer" and we were blown!

At the point where I stood, there was water at more than 270 degrees and the curve of Indian Subcontinent was visible and believe this - no tourists! Peace of mind, slight breeze, crystal clear water and the Horizon ♥️ - it was breathtaking.

What really caught my attention there was a man from the nearby village who got his grand daughter to play with the water. Whenever the water rushed over her legs, she'd giggle and hold her Grandpa's fingers tightly.

The affection was so real that we just couldn't resist giving her a chocolate bar and she wouldn't take it unless her Grandpa asked her to 🤭🤭🤭.

It was a reinforcement of how life's all about making yourself and the people around you HAPPY. Be the reason someone has a smile on their face today. :) 

Picture Perfect?

This is a snippet of my road trip through South India's Coastal Quadrilateral! Read about the entire itinerary here.