Trekking to Harihara Betta (Peak) near Bangalore Airport


My favourite pastime is to explore new mountains that wouldn't have too many visitors. Being able to hike in solitude gives me joy. Harihara betta was one such ride.

The Hike

The hike starts near a small pond (where you can park your car) in Kavaranahalli in the Chikkaballapur district. You can reach out here by following the google maps link - it's a concrete road right until the end.

Climbing through the mountain, after about 15 minutes, you will come across a temple. This temple is visible even from the village (base). Crossing the village, you can either go through the demarcated route (which is easy and clear) or you can try to jump up the rocks - which is slightly tricky and challenging.

When we decided to skip the trail for the boulders.

In about another 20 minutes, you reach a flat plateau. From here, there are two mountain tops that you can go to - either Harihara betta or Kauravkunda betta.

View at the flat campsite

Taking the route for the interior mountain, we start moving towards Harihara betta - after a little bit of climbing, we reach the top of the betta. We were the only set of guests at the peak - it was quite refreshing with all the gusts of wind hitting on your face!

Lot of mountains visible, including Skandagiri
Dogs at the mountain top
Hiking down the mountain

Returning back, we took a stopover at Nandi Upachar and had some yummy dosas and filter coffee.

Yummy open dosas in Nandi Upachar after an exhausting hike
Yummy open dosas after an exhausting hike


While going for the hike, here's the checklist to be prepared:

Highly recommended: Water bottle, full pants and sports/trekking shoes.
Good-to-have: Sunscreen, chocolates/fruits, umbrella, cap, jacket.
Additional: Odomos (if you have sensitive skin), anything else you've needed on treks in past.

Map location:


Trek NameHarihara Betta
Location4/5 - Valley view with 5-10 mountain ranges. Great winds
Difficulty level3/5 - Moderate; suitable for everyone. Hard during monsoons
Hike cleanliness5/5
Path tracking*

5/5 - First 10 mins is slightly tricky, after that it's a single trail until the top.

Crowd5/5 - There were no visitors on the mountain.

*Path tracking is relevant if you're going on this hike for the first time without any local guide or expert. You can read what it means here.

If you want some like-minded companions for the hike, feel free to tag along in my hiking group - here's my trek schedule :-)