Trekking to Ramadevara Betta near Bangalore, Tumkur

While driving on the Bangalore-Tumkur highway, you will see a large mountain just beside the Tumkur toll plaza which you can't miss. That is the Ramadevara betta.

While coming back from Chinaga betta, I found this mountain to be mesmerizing and decided to go for this hike next weekend. When the next weekend arrived, I took a friend along and reached the start point.

The hike to the mountain has an extremely clearly demarcated trajectory. Important that you try to find the track - they have added arrows and clear symbols. Last time, I took a detour on the rocks and we got lost for a long time.

You need to simply follow the trail created by the forest department and after hiking for about 3 kms, you will reach the mountain top where you'll be able to watch over the city of Tumkur. There's also a large flat land at the top with a pretty temple - you can decide to rest there for a while.

The return can be done directly from the same route or there's another route which takes you down the other side (really steep) and then you will find yourself entering into the siddaganga mutt (temple compound). It's a much more steeper route and will recommend you to take care of your knees if you decide to go down this path!

Difficulty level: Medium.

Preparation: Here's the checklist to be prepared.

Highly recommended: water bottle, full pants and sports/trekking shoes.
Good-to-have: Sunscreen, chocolates/fruits, umbrella, cap, jacket.
Additional: ODOMOS (if you have sensitive skin), anything else you've needed on treks in past.

If you want to read more about planning, click here - I've written some additional stuff for the enthusiasts out here!

Here are some of the pictures from the trek experience:

Getting to the start: 

Map location: - Go until the map takes you and then try to go closer to the mountain. There will be a path that will take around the mountain from the right hand side - you need to follow that trail to go to the mountain top.


If you want some like-minded companions for the hike, feel free to tag along with our hiking group - here's my trek schedule :-)