Trekking to Kauravakunda Betta (Peak) near Bangalore Airport


Doing something new is exhausting sometimes - I run my own startup and sometimes, I feel overwhelmed with my thoughts - overthinking doesn't help either. Physical activities like hiking provide an ideal way to get out of the loop and refresh my mind.

On one such day, I did a bit of research and decided to explore a new mountain, Kauravkunda Betta.

The Hike

About 30 minutes ahead of Bangalore airport, I crossed from the town of Chikkabalapur into the interiors of a village called Hariharapura. I parked my car at the end of the village, close to a quarry site.

The mountain is in clear view from this base and the route looks quite straightforward.

The start selfie!

We crossed over a temple and kept hiking ahead. There is a very clear trail from the side of the temple that I'd recommend you take. If you decide to skip the trail and climb up directly, you should know that it's a rocky mountain - you might need to jump up some small rocks and boulders. 

We come across a plateau about 15 minutes before the hike - it looks like a perfect place to pitch a tent and set up a campsite :)

Fun times!

After taking a fun break here, we keep going ahead to the top - the wind at the top of the Kauravakunda betta is quite strong - after 5 minutes, you'll either try to lie down or cover your ears to stop facing the force of that wind!

The end destination!



While going for the hike, here's the checklist to be prepared:

Highly recommended: Water bottle, full pants and sports/trekking shoes.
Good-to-have: Sunscreen, chocolates/fruits, umbrella, cap, jacket.
Additional: Odomos (if you have sensitive skin), anything else you've needed on treks in past.

Map location:


Trek NameKauravakunda Betta

4/5 - View of dense green mountains at one end (including Skandagiri). Farmlands and Chikkabalapur at the other side.

Difficulty level3/5 - Moderate; suitable for everyone.
Hike cleanliness5/5
Path tracking*

5/5 - Follow the trail - it's wide and straightforward.

Crowd5/5 - There were no visitors on the mountain.

*Path tracking is relevant if you're going on this hike for the first time without any local guide or expert. You can read what it means here.

If you want some like-minded companions for the hike, feel free to tag along in my hiking group - here's my trek schedule :-)