Trekking to Handi gundi Betta near Bangalore

I have been a hiking enthusiast all my life and when my sister came home to visit us along with her kids, I wanted them to experience nature the way I see it.

So I found this beautiful little hike which is good for toddlers, kids and slightly older people too!

Handi Gundi betta is a hiking trail on Mysore Road, located near the town of Ramanagara, about 1 hour from Bangalore city centre if you leave early morning. 

Hike start: The hike starts near a small temple (where you can park your car for a nominal fee to the locals). You can reach out here by following the google maps link - it's a bit of muddy track in the last 100 metres.

You cross through a grass zone in the start before you see a small rocky patch on the mountain. It's about 3-5 minutes of climb until you start seeing a walking trail. The walking trail then continues right until the very top of the mountain.

In about 30 minutes, you reach a really flat region which is not the top. Here, you can decide to take a short break or end your hike if you feel done - it's a good checkpoint!

If you have more energy, you can continue for another 20 minutes and you'll reach the mountain top where you'll be able to see a pole.

At the mountain top on one side is the city of Ramanagara - you can get faint sounds of the hustle-bustle of the town. On all the other sides are mountains and rocks - these are the rocks where the entire movie of "Sholay" was shot! (Recall: "Ramgarh")

Preparation: While going for the hike, here's the checklist to be prepared:

Highly recommended: Water bottle, full pants and sports/trekking shoes.
Good-to-have: Sunscreen, chocolates/fruits, umbrella, cap, jacket.
Additional: Odomos (if you have sensitive skin), anything else you've needed on treks in past.

Map location:

If you want some like-minded companions for the hike, feel free to tag along in my hiking group - here's my trek schedule :-)