13 Do-It-Yourself treks near Bangalore worth trying!

Off-late, it's really tiring to live in Bangalore - with the pandemic out, most people are back on the road - honestly, the traffic sucks and the roads aren't any better. If you also feel like going away from the chaos to some place calm, we are on the same side.

So, I started going for a hike every weekend. Sometimes friends join me, sometimes strangers who become friends after the trek

When I started going every Saturday, I was worried that I might run out of mountains to climb. But honestly, after a while, it was clear that it's probably gonna be a year before I actually run out of new mountains to climb within 1-2 hours of the city.

/image of view from Madhugiri.

For today, I'll give you info about enough of them so that you can just go whenever you want. Before we jump to the places, 3 tips:

1. Carry sunscreen, hat and umbrella (if possible) - umbrella can keep you safe from rain, sun and even act as a walking stick sometimes. ;)

2. Go early mornings - it helps you beat the traffic as well as the heat - almost every weekend, I leave between 5-6AM and return home by 12-1pm. If you're going by yourself, I've added all starting point locations 

3. ALWAYS respect the nature & local laws. Whether you've done 10 hikes or 100, whether you are rich or poor. Don't try to be the boss - Nature is above us all.

✅ Always be cautious   ❌ Don't throw litter   ❌ Don't play music or disturb animals

Okay, now here's the list of places for you. Map link here. 📍

1. Ramadevara betta

If you ever are driving on Tumkur road, you will spot a the large mountain right next to the Toll Plaza (few kms before Tumkur).

The peak at Ramadevara betta has a wholesome view of Tumkur town! Slightly long but super easy trek - the trail is quite simple to follow.

Detailed blog about Ramadevara betta.

2. Channagiri betta

It's a mountain without any popular signs but it's a fun hike - most of the path is through the forest - there is a very clear trail to follow! 

Detailed blog about Channagiri betta.

3. Chinaga betta

Off the Tumkur Road, this one is located in the Devarayanadurga forest area and gives you such a picturesque view of the landscape which you wouldn’t imagine exists around Bangalore! 



Detailed blog about Chinaga betta.

4. Madhugiri betta

2nd largest monolith and a super steep climb. One of those long ones with wind at the top that will invert your umbrella and blow you away.

Detailed blog about Madhugiri betta.

5. Handi gundi betta

The mountain is located off Mysore Road and has a clear trail for most parts of the hike - it might get a little difficult due to monsoon but otherwise, it's quite simple and yes-yes!

Detailed blog about Handi Gundi Betta.

6. Nijagala Betta

This one is short and sweet one - I had gone here with this mad crew that just won’t stop gossip and college stories. The place also has some unique temple ruins that are a must-visit.

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7. Savanadurga



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8. Kaiwara Betta



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9. Skandagiri Betta


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10. Antaragange

Detailed blog about Antaragange caves.

11. Makalidurga


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12. Hutridurga Betta


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13. Bilikal Rangaswamy betta


Detailed blog about Bilikal Rangaswamy betta

That's all for now! I shall keep adding more hikes as I discover them. ❤️

Feel free to join me on one of my future hikes here.